Disappointment doesn't even come close to describing the general feeling here in our subterranean lab.  We're completely bummed, totally deflated, deterred, downtrodden, disturbed and crushed.   

Most importantly, we will take another pass at the party.  But not until the spring.  So hang tight, we'll get 2015 started properly. Info will be available in time. 

In the meantime, you'll have to resign yourself to enjoying our beers in some of our fair city's best bars.  Stay plugged-in to our Facebook page and website to find out who's pouring what and where.  Also, please come see us at the Beer Hoptacular and at the Windy City BBQ Classic.  

We will also be doing impromptu parties at our property.  Basically bonfires with free IBW beer and accoustic music and other fiery surprises.  These will be lazy, low key events where you can sit around the fire with IBW and share delicious potions and bad ideas.  We'll post these announcements on our Facebook page the same day they are happening.

Finally, a huge thank you needs to go out to our favorite people and favorite friends in the Chicago universe for helping us out with this event: DRY HOP BREWERS, ANDERSONVILLE BREWING, LOCAL OPTION, UNE ANNE, INEBRIATED BREWING, FLED HOMEBREW, DONER MEN FOOD TRUCK, BLACK ACTRESS, THE COLUMBINES, BRICKFIGHT, THE LEAGUE OF TROUBLED SOULS.  These are the ball-swinging beasts in this strange city of ours, give them every ounce of love and trust that they deserve.

And THANK YOU to all of you for your excitement and support and all the very warm, encouraging emails we've received in the past 24 hours.  We're not doing this project because it's a good idea or that it will make us rich or even moderately poor.  We do this project because we love beer, love Joy, and love doing whatever measley thing we can to make everybody's lives a little better, if only for a little bit.

We look forward to knocking glasses again soon.


Matt, Jason, Brian, Willie