Here's My Pants, America!

“You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question.” 
― Albert Camus, The Fall


There's so much grass in the basket these days we've had to hide all the easter eggs in inappropriate places:  

  • We've got Chicago's Beer Hoptacular this weekend which we're very excited for, as well as the Windy City BBQ.  We're splitting duties between gigs, if you get a chance come see us at both.  
  • We've got our first legitimately self-distributed beers going out into the world very soon to some places I'm so excited about I can hardly keep myself contained.  We'll give shout outs as they roll out of the dungeon, so stay tuned, it truly is a good time to not be dead yet.
  • Apparently there's some kind of Zombie paintball orgy of honkydelia that we're supporting with beverages coming soon. As soon as I have more info, we will give it right to you.
  • We've got 2 new beers rolling out in October:  Pazuzu's Pedals and Hasselhopf.  Quake with pleasure filthy freaks... this shit is tasting fuckin' A fresh as hell.  

That's it.  For now.  We've got more communiques from the front lines to transmit, but not before sleep and a couple more drinks lays in against the fleeting weights of my soul.