Illuminated Brew Works is a Chicago-based artisanal brewery producing urban farmhouse styles. Our offerings rotate seasonally to celebrate every aspect of the annual cycle.

Please enjoy with people you trust.

Brian Buckman, Founder & Head Brewer
Brian is a Siebel Institute trained brewer with a focus on yeast cultivation and fermentation techniques. He has been studying brewing since 2008. Contact Brian

Matt Shirley, Founder & Business Manager
Matt is President of Gourmet 45, a Chicago based catering company, where he's worked since 2003. During that time he has played a vital role in Gourmet 45’s growth from a start-up to a 4 million dollar a year business. Contact Matt

Jason Monk, Facilities Manager & Assistant Brewer
Jason is a 20-year AWS certified welder and has been managing Grover Welding for the past 13 of those years.  Jason designed and fabricated our brew house as well as the first legally registered food truck (the Salsa Truck) in the City of Chicago.                                                                                       Contact Jason

Wally ListSenior Sales Representative
Wally graduated Columbia College Chicago in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition focusing on contemporary orchestral and electroacoustic music. When he's not out slinging beer for IBW he spends his time homebrewing and gigging as a guitarist.                                                Contact Wally

Mellow Lucas, Sales Representative
Lucas spent several years at Chicago Brew Works serving as a guide to both fresh and seasoned homebrewers to become better and more intoxicated versions of themselves, while also bagging and tagging unfathomable amounts of grain. Particularly fond of hoppy farmhouse ales and rousing conspiratorial discussions, he is also a lover of all dogs and a living memory of a future self. He may or may not be a reptilian human hybrid person, not that such things should matter since we are all equals in the eyes of the demiurge despite our differences. He gets around a lot, spreading the good news of our offerings, so keep an eye out for this longhair at our events, particularly in the south burbs.                                                                Contact Lucas

Jim Myers, Sales Representative                                                                          Jim is a life-long resident of Cook County.  As a child he was often sunburned and once visited Alabama- for Space Camp. Later he attended DePaul University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in a specific field of study.  Jim has sold equipment and services in a variety of industries for a number years.  He has owned at least 15 suits since the mid 2000’s.               Contact Jim

Arman Mabry, Sales Representative
Arman has played bass in several bands and has been active musically since moving from Austin, TX to Chicago in 1998. His most recent projects include Rabid Rabbit, Buckingham Palace SVU and Galactic Inmate.      Contact Arman