Let's Declare War on Xmas!

It's that's time of year again, our White Eggnog Milk Stout War On Xmas is available at all of your favorite bottle shops.

This sweet, creamy, spicy homage to the greatest holiday drink of all ages, Egg Nog, goes perfect with all of your strange Holiday rituals. And, at a whopping 10.5% ABV, War on Xmas is the perfect coping mechanism for all of that time you have to spend with your republican family members during the holidays.

As a special gift to all you wonderful IBW cult members we are offering a very limited amount of Tequila Barrel Aged War on Xmas at a few of our accounts. This is truly War on Xmas in it's perfected form: the oak and tequilia offering just the right balance to the mellowed down sweetness of the core beer. During the 12 months this delight sat on oak, the spice and vanilla grew to love one another and exist in perfect harmony the way humanity has never seemed to do.

Get this super limited treat before it's gone (probably today or tomorrow). Look for the BLACK LABEL War on Xmas at these accounts:

  • Tapster (the ONLY account to get a draft version)

  • Binny's Marcey

  • Binny's Lakeview

  • Beer Temple

  • Bottles & Cans

  • Warehouse Liquors

  • 57th Street Wine

  • Crafted 1979

  • Joe's Beverage Warehouse

  • Beer on the Wall

  • Capone's


And, if you're looking for a last minute gift idea for that alcoholic in your life, you can't do any better than this brand new, brain-bending design by our unbelievably talented designer Mark Ludemann. These soft, 3/4 length sleeve beauties are made with glitter ink and feature the Mushroom Mouth from our beer, The Logos (6% Sour Farmhouse with Black Currants).

We promise that, If you wear this shirt - or if you gift it to someone -  you will have direct communication with your One, True, Unholy Mystery and will be informed on how to conduct your life at the highest vibratory rate possible. We strongly suggest buying 2 shirts so you and a friend can sit for each while you wear them.

Mushroom Mouth shirts are pretty limited and available from our website ONLY. Go here to buy shirts now!

Have a wonderful holiday season in whatever depraved way you celebrate Love and Joy!