BRONY Ain't for Phonies.

Our newest Double Dry Hopped Double IPA is being delivered to all of our city bottle accounts today!

BRONY is made with almost 10lbs of expensive-ass hops per barrel to make another big, brothy, fruity fun house of flavors for your at-home time travel adventures. You'll find Motueka, Citra & Huell Melon under this pony's dress.


We're also dropping an old favorite Pazuzu's Pedals today when we unleash the Brony. Pazuzu's Pedals is a black cardamom porter farmhouse and is pretty much the perfect intoxicant to aid in this beautiful fall weather.

If that's not enough, a fresh batch of Astronaut Orange juice is being bottled this weekend and released early next week!! 

Dearest suburban friends: Please be patient, we will be delivering BRONY and Pazuzu to our suburban accounts next week.


Please, good people of the internet, be careful with BRONY. This powerful elixir should not be underestimated. Side effects are to be expected. Please, breathe deep and be at home with them.