Nabikhopf Released Today!

Today we're releasing the second installation in our 4-part Hopped-Up Farmhouse series, the always troublesome Nabikhopf.

Our mind-controlled slaves will be delivering Nabikhopf to the following stores today:

  • Bitter Pops
  • Bottles & Cans
  • Madison Vine Wines
  • Pleasant House Bakery
  • Noble Grape
  • Beer Temple
  • Warehouse Liquors
  • Vas Foremost Liquors
  • Binnys - River North
  • Binnys Marcey
  • Malloys Finest Naperville
  • Binnys Naperville
  • Binnys Downers Grove
  • Binnys - Glen Ellyn
  • The Beer Cellar

As you can see, we are expanding our distribution range to the suburbs. If you have a store that you want us in, but don't see it on this list, please talk to your store's beer buyer and have them contact us. We'll get them beer quicker than a hot dog with no mustard. Or something like that.

Have fun at the Ween show, don't embarrass yourself, and remember, those voices in your head are not always wrong.