Tart, Sour, Dark & Wild



All Colors of the Dark (8% ABV) Sour Stout          Using our Black Maw black abbey stout as the our base, we performed a secondary fermentation in Few whiskey barrels with a blend of yeast and bacteria for a year and a half. The result is a thick stout rich with cherry, dark fruit and the perfect amount of oak.

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Blue Velvet (ABV 8%) Blueberry Stout                    Next time baby wants a beer, you can calm his wild ass down with this beautiful, big stout that comes in all roast malt, bitter chocolate & cookie and leaves you with ribbons of blueberry as it heads into your guts to work it's dark magic. 


Brainwash (ABV 7%) Tart Farmhouse         Brainwash glows a hazy, post-hypnotic yellow and smells of melon, passionfruit, white pepper & grain. The taste is juicy and tart with a crisp, clean finish. At 7% Brainwash is efficient at bending the mind, yet it drinks like a beverage half it's weight in booze.

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Café Illuminé (ABV 10%) White Coffee Milk Stout  Our third collaboration with our friends at Abacus Coffee, Café Illuminé celebrates the beloved "White Coffee" of the world; cafeé au lait and cafe con leche. Every barrel combines a rich malt base, 3lbs Abacus Coffee, Indonesian Vanilla, Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon and 10lbs of lactose sugar creating a beverage that is rich, creamy and the perfect start to your day no matter what time of night that might be.

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El Rojo Noche (ABV 8%) Mexican Stout                  El Rojo Noche takes our rich, full-bodied 8% stout and adds cacao nibs, cinnamon, guajillo & arbol peppers to create a robust yet balanced beer, a perfect pairing for your next ayahuasca bender.


Dogon Death Mask (7% ABV) Barrel Fermented Flanders Red                                                             When a member of the Dogon tribe dies every member of the tribe creates a mask representing the deceased. The Dogon then don their masks & gather ecstatically, dancing and singing in remembrance of their fallen friend.        

This is a special beer. It's completely fermented in used Virtue Cider Mitten barrels with our FNORD yeast and finished on a combination of b. bruxellensis and b. lambicus, creating an artfully balanced beer with deep, dark whisks of fruit and a rounded acidity to aid in your honoring of absent friends.                                      

Please enjoy with people you trust to remember people you loved.


Jinx Remover (ABV 5.1%) Brett Pale Ale                 John Douglas, the beverage manager from the Paramount Room, asked us to create a beer that would pair with their special Wednesday night Wagyu beef burgers. We wanted to make something with a caramel heart and enough acidity to cut through the buttery fat of the burger. Using a tart finishing yeast and a pale ale grist we then blended the base beer with our 100% brett fermented Cult of Ed to help accentuate the floral notes of the dry hopped base. The result is a highly sessionable beer with about four distinct points of flavor, perfect for enjoying with Paramount Room’s delicious burger or enjoying all on it’s own for hours at a time.


Mango Brainwash (ABV 7%) Tart Fruited Farmhouse                                                               You loved Brainwash so we took that recipe and added mangoes. Yes, it's as good as it sounds.

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Mugwump Brunch (8% ABV) Sour Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA w/ Orange Juice                    An homage to the mimosa, we combined a kettle-soured Double IPA, dry hopped it twice and added plenty of orange juice to wrap it all up. It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch but it's a damn good beer.

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Necessary Evil (10% ABV) Stout w/ Cocoa & Cinnamon                                                                If you like your stouts pouring thick and rich and full of chocolate and spice this is right in your wheel house.


Pure Ecstasy (7.5% ABV) Tart Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA                                             We fermented the hop and grist bill from the popular Astronaut Orange Juice with our Brainwash yeast creating an acidic edge in an already juicy beer & sending it into all new sense drenched territories. If you like hops and acid in your beer, we assure, this is truly Pure Ecstasy. Let's Roll!!!


Sex Cult (ABV 6%) Tart Farmhouse                         Sex Cult is the perfect beverage to pour alongside the bath-salt fondue and catnip jello-molds at your next key party. This tart farmhouse is made with only water, hops, barley, yeast & time while achieving acidity comparable to the best bacteria-born beers. It pairs exceptionally with taboo.


War On Xmas (ABV 11%) White Egg Nog Milk Stout                                                                    War On Xmas! is a thick, milky-white stout with rich, textured body accented by Indonesian vanilla beans, Vietnamese cassia bark cinnamon & nutmeg all provided by our good friends at Epic Spices in Chicago. The result is a surprisingly balanced spiced beer reminiscent of delicious, mind-bending egg nog and holiday cookies of years gone by.

To celebrate "War on Xmas", The Columbines wrote and recorded this soon-to-be Holiday classic:

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YOWNT! (8% ABV) Sour Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA w/ Pomegranate & Kiwi                        YOWNT! adds pomegranates and kiwi fruit to our kettle soured DIPA and finished with Equinox, Amarillo & Simcoe hops.                    

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ZOINKS! (8% ABV) Sour Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA w/ Raspberry & Strawberry                   Real strawberries and raspberries punch up a kettle soured DIPA finished with Motueka, Azacca & Equinox hops all in service of a surprising flavor combination that will make you scream "ZOINKS!"