ONE-OFFS are just like they sound, they're beers we made once, loved them hard, and may never make them again.  Of course, "never" is a very long time and love is just the kind of thing that makes a person do something for all the wrong reasons at the right moment.

Adam Weishaupt (ABV 4.18%) Weissbier                           We took a rare hefeweizen yeast and fed it unmalted wheat and pilsner. The result is a spicy, fruity summer session weisse with a leaner and cleaner body than is traditional for the offering.  And, because we are well fed patriots, we named it in loving memory of the first President of the United States.

Canadian Aspirin (ABV 8.1%) Recovery Ale                 Canada is well-known for it’s progressive public health care policy and it’s supporting medicinal legislation.  What is less know is it’s genius answer to the common ailment.  A blend of aspirin, codeine and caffeine is OTC all over Canada; truly a powerful and healing elixir.  We wanted to pay homage to this genius bit of pharmacopeia so we combined pilsner malts, a delicate blend of carmel malts and Belgian yeast to create a beverage that is both crushable and full of medicinal girth.  We dare you to enjoy only one.

The Churchill (ABV 6.1%) New England Style Belgian Pale The two best pieces of advice I've ever received are 1) while snowboarding, a friend suggested, "If you don't want to hit the tree, don't look at the tree".  And 2) was offered by Wayne Ewing, Hunter Thompson's Road Manager for the last 25 years of his life: "If you find yourself in Hell, keep going."  That last bit of sage wisdom is a Winston Churchill quote. This beer honors one of history's great leaders and great drinkers. Get ready for a juicy, fruit-forward crusher that's as murky as the fog of war, dripping with grapefruit & grape, and an unmistakable hint of strong, fresh marijuana.

Cloudbuster (ABV 6.3%) Spring Farmhouse                           Named for Willhelm Reich's famed application of focused orgone, this draft-only beer will evaporate any cloud covering you focus it on. She drinks vinous & dry, finishing like a mouthful of dandelions; grassy, complex and citrus bright from all the Jarrylo hash used post-fermentation.

Frozen Mind (ABV 7.5%) Winter Farmhouse                     Brewed for the 8th annual Chicago Psych Fest, Frozen Mind has nose of rich herbaceousness wrapped in citrus & pine that drinks full-bodied, elevated and balanced to keep those warming aspirations in check.

Holy Mountain (ABV 4.18%) Table Beer                                  A simple grist of 50% wheat and 50% barley is complimented with noble hops and saison yeast from Brasserie Thiriez to create a simple and exceedingly dry beer.  The nose is herbaceous and floral with juniper and white pepper.  The mouth comes on with bread and grain and cleans up without fuss, cleansing your palette for another delicious bite.

The Jonestown (ABV 6.3%) Fruited Farmhouse                   A farmhouse base of pilsner and wheat is fermented with our house yeast.  After initial fermentation, we referment with 12lbs of concord grapes per barrel creating a delicious beer with exceptional fruit both in the nose and taste. Skip the brown acid and go straight for the kool-aid.

Marble Faun (ABV 6.3%) Rye & Cherry Farmhouse               We built a delicious rye farmhouse and finished it with sour cherry puree to create a sipper both complex and fruity, just like ex-Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.

REDRUM (ABV 6.7%) Barrel Aged Farmhouse            REDRUM is a Buffalo Trace barrel aged farmhouse refermented on cranberries and cherries and conditioned with brettanomyces bruxellensis. It pairs well with Ouija Boards, seances, and invocations of elder gods.

Rowan Morrison (ABV 7.4%) Scotch Belgian Ale                Sun drenched dark malts are brought to life with notes of earth and    white wine in this curious and deceptive concoction named for the  sweet, but deadly red herring from 1973's "The Wicker Man".

Trumpty Dumpty (ABV 6.3%) American Orange Ale           To help numb the pain of the inauguration of the Candy Colored Clown President Elect, we’ve put together a very sessionable medicine-forward pale ale.  The grain bill is a combination of pilsner and Maris Otter providing a sweet bed for the Mandarina Bavaria hops to rest on.  The combination makes for a smooth drinking Pale Ale reminiscent of hard candies and green grass, in short, springtime in the salad days of your youth, miles and miles away from this horror show of the present we have to now call home.