Urban Farmhouses

Farmhouse beers were traditionally made from the grains and adjuncts available on the Franco-Belgian farm where they were served. Pilsen based, with a protein addition of wheat, spelt, corn, etc., & finished with a spicy yeast expressive of the farm that produced them: the farmhouse style is expansive and creative by it's nature. IBW makes Urban Farmhouse beers, honoring the pedigree of the tradition while adding a distinctly American interpretation to the process.


Black Lodge (ABV 8.1%) Black Abbey Coffee Stout
In tribute to Special Agent Dale Cooper and his hard work on the Blue Rose case, we've added Abacus coffee and sour cherry puree to an 8% stout. Expect coffee in the nose and a silky, clean finish full of fruit. Every day you should give yourself a treat.

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Brown Reason to Live (ABV 6.3%)  Brown Farmhouse                                                               Named for the Butthole Surfers first LP, Brown Reason to Live plays two essential characters off one other – Special B crystal malt & Rochefort yeast. The result is a brown ale with textures of raisin, tobacco, caramel & bread delivered in a sessionable format with a nose teasing with spice and earth. Brown Reason to Live will cut through cheeses and creams, rejuvenating the palette and accentuate grill-fired meats, vegetables or any well-seasoned foods.


Divine Invasion! (6% ABV) Dry Hopped Farmhouse                                                                Ultimately, we're all on the short-end of the demiurge's stick, so let's drink. This remedy for life's cruetly is dry-hopped with Lemondrop and El Dorado hops to make a bright, light and delightful farmhouse that can be enjoyed no matter what delusion of escape you are currently employing.


Ed's Legs (ABV 6.66%) American Farmhouse       Originally made for the West Loop Craft Beer festival, Ed's Legs celebrates fabled Chicago Saloon owner Ed Steinbrecher with a pilsner and flaked barley grist, experimental German hops & our house strain.  The culmination is a damp herb & biscuity nose, a creamy mouthfeel with hints of orange and a crackling dry finish closer to champagne than any beer you've had before.  Surrender now.


Fnord (ABV 7.3%) Wit                                   FNORD harnesses malted wheat & pilsner combined with American and Noble hops to provide a playground for our yeast to enjoy.  The result is a crisp Wit full of complicated herbal, fruit and floral notes dressed in understated wisps of candy and citrus, each working together beneath a rocky, creamy head that helps the medicine go down.  If you don’t see the Fnords, they can’t eat you.


IBW-25 (ABV 6.3%) Fruited Farmhouse   Discover the miracles of modern chemistry with IBW’s homage to Sandoz Lab's greatest contribution to humankind, IBW-25. A pilsner & wheat grist is dried paper-thin laying the foundation for this crushable farmhouse acidified with tamarind & passion fruit. Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream.

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Luciferic Aspirations (ABV 6.5%) Farmhouse with Crandberry & Juniper                              Luciferic Aspirations takes our standard farmhouse - pilesen malts with a 10% wheat addition - and adds cranberry juice & juniper berries creating a fruit-rich and tart-finishing farmhouse tempered by bright, herbaceous juniper. Luciferic Aspirations is made for celebrating great achievements in a deadened world. Enjoy with people you trust.

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Melodic Glossolalia (ABV 7%) Dry-Hopped Farmhosue                                                     Melodic Glossolalia combines pilsner malts, wheat, Amarillo & Azacca hops - along with our house yeast Tim fermented at temperatures nearing 98*F - to create a rabble of sense-bending pleasures that are earthy, floral, citrusy & kissed with notes of grapefruit rind. Enjoy with people who can sing in tongues.


 Orange Sunshine (ABV 4.6%) Citrus Saison We’ve combined our house yeast, orange and lemon zest and topped it all with experimental German hops.  The result is an insanely sessionable beer with the flavor and complexity of something twice it’s weight in booze.  The wine-dry, crisp body and delicate citrus notes insure you keep Orange Sunshine close during those long Summer days melting your face under the Chicago sun.


Pazuzu’s Pedals (ABV 6.3%) Farmhouse Porter Be taken by the sinful pleasures of bitter chocolate, coffee, dark fruit, smoke & herb in this homage to everyone’s favorite Babylonian demon and his love affair with the bicycle.


Sly Man (ABV 3.8%) Acidulated Table Beer         G.I. Gurdgieff taught about a Fourth Way to Illumination, that of the Sly Man.  He is not a monk, a sufi or buddhist.  He lives in the city, among the people and his trickster ways can shake a sleeping soul to life.  The Sly Man is our silent assassin. Seemingly simple at first glance,  but with each taste you will see the kaleidescope of flavors and insinuations opening around you, accentuating your food and elevating your experience into memory.  Expect herbs, grains, and a disappearing act for the ages.

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War Goat (ABV 5.5%) Dry Hopped Farmhouse   We've taken our American Farmhouse, Ed's Legs, and gussied him up for the blood-stained streets of Chicago with 1lb per barrel of Simcoe hops creating a crushable summer intoxicant with notes of lemon, grapefruit, grass and victory.


Watermelon Gun (ABV 6.5%) Fruited Farmhouse We took our standard Pilsen & Wheat farmhouse base and refermented with 1.5 watermelons for each one of the ten barrels of beer we made. The result is a bright and beautiful ode to the blazing days of summer and the perfect solution for easing those days.