Pareidolia Bottle Release & 3 Events This Week!

We're drowning our sorrows from last week's election by throwing our evil selves into a bunch of great activities this week. After all, the only sane solution to an insane world is to drink.  And organize. But first... let's drink.

First things first... we are incredibly excited to announce the first release of our collaboration series with Parachute Restaurant in 750ml bottles.

"Pareidolia" is a carmel & grain rich buckwheat farmhouse re-fermented on Asian pears for 3 weeks with dehydrated green mangoes used for acidity. The bottles are conditioned on b. lambicus and b. claussennii for one last layer of complexity.  The result is a beer that performs beautifully both on it's own or paired with your favorite food.

This release is extremely limited. We will be delivering these on Wednesday by 5pm and they should be on the shelves at the following locations by Thursday.  You need to act fast as these bottles will not last long. You will find Pareidolia at:

This week we're also releasing our Black Farmhouse "Pazuzu's Pedals". Pazuzu is made with black cardamom and full of bitter chocolate, coffee, dark fruit, smoke & herb. And the labels are bad ass.

Right now, you can find Pazuzu at the following locations with more stores being added this week:

We've also got 3 events this week.  Yes, three events for god's sake.

Tomorrow night we'll be pouring Hasselhopf at Dry Hop Brewers for their Nano IPA night. We'll be pouring along side friends from Marz, Spiteful, 350 & Mad Mouse Brewing.  For more information, please visit the facebook event page for this event at

Thursday night we're celebrating the release of "It's Spelt Right" our spelt farmhouse made with wood fired granny smith apples that we made with Old Irving Brewing. The result is a delicious 8% saison draped in smoked apples, a perfect medicine for the harvest season.

To celebrate our collaboration, Old Irving will be hosting a Bags tournament this Thursday, November 17th starting at 6pm. 10 teams of 2 will compete for fabulous prizes including Illuminated beer - including 2 bottles of the very rare collab with Parachute Restaurant, "Pareidolia" - and OIB growlers filled with your favorite beer! We'll also have IBW posters and stickers to give away. The teams will be first come, first serve, so make sure to come and claim your spot! The facebook page for this event is

And last, but certainly not least, Friday night is the Purling Hiss & Axis:Sova record release show at the Hideout. To celebrate the new Purling Hiss album High Bias released on Drag City Records we assembled our most loving homage to good, old-fashioned, trashy, American macro-beers; just the kind of beer that built the sonic annihilation via heavy six-string freakout of High Bias. "Purling Hiss" is stacked up with Pilsner, Munich, rice adjuncts and noble hops to create a fizzy, yellow sleigh-ride that pairs well with brown meth, NASCAR and Jesus footies.

The facebook page for this show is at  This is not to be missed. However, if you do, you'll still be able to get a limited amount of the Purling Hiss beer at Beer Temple.  And, for you Purling Hiss fans that are outside of Chicago - or even out of the state of Illinois - you'll be able to purchase bottles of Purling Hiss at Beer Temples on-line store starting Friday and have it shipped directly to you.

Ok, I'm exhausted from writing all of that. I'm going to crawl into my bomb shelter and drench my wrecked nerves in all of this great beer.