Tanks Are In, Electrical Installed, Circuits Blown

We crawled our youthful selves down to the shop yesterday to install our brewhouse.  Or begin installing it.  Me, Matty, Jason, Jason Kowalewski and Rob schlupped the cauldrons into our dank subterranean birthing canal.

They look downright lovely.  The stuff nerd dreams are made of.

Once they were in and we had a decent flow worked out, we plugged in our 4 electrical elements (we picked them up from brewmation.com and comfortgurus.com) and filled her full of that deliciously balanced great lakes water.

It was a lovely site to be sure.  1 element came on-line.  2 elements.  3 elements.  All 4 elements were on-line and cranking that water up.  It was so lovely it almost sobered me up.

And then around minute 33 we blew a breaker... somewhere.  Not in our demon-haunted section of the building but... somewhere.

Jason and I are heading back over to investigate and spill some cat blood should Pazuzu demand it in exchange for proper working conditions.  All Hail Pazuzu, dark underwriter of Sumerian power issues.