Updates On Licensing, Build Out & Upcoming Pours

First, may I suggest some decent music for our little sit down?  How about Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats?

Perfect. Now go get yourself a drink.  I've been putting a lot of Willet Pot Still in my face as of late. Why not treat yourself with the same compassion? You're really not as bad as you think you are. I wouldn't lie.

First order of business:  Jason is a fucking bad ass.  

The two of us went down to our dingy lab and took a 16lb sledge hammer to 150 years of creepy floor.

And we made right every wrong that thing had ever done to us.

Now, we have a floor drain!  And 4x 220v outlets to fuel our 10bbl electric kettle that Jason built from stainless he bartered off a voodoo sex cult he used to run with in Haiti.  

And we've got a federal license.


And our Illinois license... almost.  We're in the final stretches of that bit of the narrative, but we did at least get our first rejection letter from this great Land of Lincoln!  Under the guidance of the ILCC we resubmitted our application and will hopefully be legally paying excise tax by the end of the month.  And, of course, pouring beer made in our subterranean lair.

I've been spending long, strange, often-times confusing hours with our illustrious designer Markus Ludeman driving down the mysteries that will be our bottle designs.  Knob turner to the stars, Mark has been doing an amazing job slapping down my crummy ideas and building up great ideas from the quivering shards of what is left.  I'm not going to give to much away, but...

So yeah.  The long story made short:  We should be producing kegs at our space by mid-August and bottles by Mid-September.  Fuck. Yes.

And speaking of mid-September, put Saturday September 20th on your calendar.  We're hosting a FREE - yes FREE - party at our outdoor space to help celebrate our license acquisition as we double-dip-dive into the illustrious abyss of booze and commerce.  There will be live music, burlesque dancers, FIRE!, and of course collaborations with some of Chicago's best brewers.  Seriously, don't fuck this up, make sure you make it to the party. 

 If you haven't seen it yet, this is our dope outdoor space:

Oh! And we'll have some brilliant merchandise for you to buy buy buy very soon.

So yeah, hot shit. Things are popping all over.  

We love you all.  Each of you.  Like our own foul-mouthed children.  And we want to intoxicate you.  We want to fill your minds and your bellies with electric slurry dreams.  We want to elevate you to the noisiest fucking plateaus of pleasure and then keep going.  We're getting there.  We're bringing you.  We can all slap high fives together.  I'd kiss you, but I don't want to make this weird.

There's some stuff going on the next couple weeks.  If you want to catch up with us, check out the events down yonder.  We're also rolling out the Orange Sunshine to some bars again, stay tuned to the Facefuck page to stay abreast of that.  We are legion.  We will endure.

This weekend we're at 2 events:

  • Saturday July 26th we'll have Orange Sunshine pouring at the 2nd Annual Maguire University Burger Bash (http://maguireuniversity.com/burger-bash-2-saturday-july-26th/).  This is a great event raising money for a great cause, the Wounded Warrior Project.  Come out and try a bunch of burgers, drink too much Orange Sunshine and raise some money to build homes for our Veterans.  
  • Saturday July 27th we'll have ye olde Orange Sunshine at the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America, 100+ brewers pouring beer to eradicate any rogue brain cells that may be carrying bad, anti-humanist vibrations.

Next weekend we're pouring at Goose Island Wrigleyville's Anniversary party which is also a fundraiser.  Proceeds will benefit Gordon Biersch and former Goose Island brewer John Wykiewicz’s now six year old son who was diagnosed in May 2013 with a golf-ball sized medulloblastoma, which is a highly malignant form of childhood brain cancer.   Come out between 5p - 10pm and help offset some of the medical costs the Wykiewicz's have had to endure.

Lastly, on August 21st we'll be pouring at Fischman's Tap This #6.  From 6p - 1a 16 Local Breweries will be pouring.  There will be live music and food trucks.  Come on out and say hi and get some of the last Orange Sunshine of the season.

Godspeed, friends. It is all ON. We will knock glasses again very soon!  Don't take any guff from those swine.
Brian, Jason, Matt, Willie