Hoppy & Juicy

All of our hop-forward offerings are created with only late-addition hops added in the last 10-20 minutes of boil. This eliminates any bitterness and resinous after taste experienced with many hoppy beers. Instead, our hop offerings finish clean, leaving your palette fresh, ready to indulge in more of the tropical fruit, citrus and juice notes you love.


Astronaut Orange Juice (8% ABV) New England IPA                                                                       You like Outer Space. You think it's pretty cool. Yeah, we know. But, if you're going to Outer Space, you're going to have to keep yourself hydrated while you're out there.                 Astronaut Orange Juice combines water, barley, yeast and 4 kinds of hops to create a big, juicy beverage that'll keep your brain wet no matter how far you bubble out into Outer Space.

Bulgakhopf (ABV 8.5%) New England Style IPA   Meet Behemoth. He's an unusually large, demonic, talking cat. He loves vodka, chess & syllogisms. And he keeps very strange company. This is a big, hazy New England IPA. It's creamy body is but an ephemeral place holder for the Equinox, Saphir & Amarillo hops as they perform their bidding on your will to joy. Enjoy at night, alone or with friends, by an open window.


Fruit Slave (7.5%) Double Dry Hopped Double IPA                                                                        You know there wasn't fruit in the gum you chewed as a kid, right? It was an illusion, a trick played on your impressionable mind by bad-intentioned scientists bankrolled by Fat Cat, macro-gum corporations exploiting your enthusiasm for big, juicy flavors.
Well, there’s no damn fruit in this beer either. Just an incredibly wasteful amount of Motueka, Citra & Mandarina Bavaria hops to make you believe it's full of tropical delights. Drinking this, you’ll be so lost in juicy rapture, with your pleasure centers popping at the seams, that we’ll have you forever in our lovable grip. Another member for our dubious cult, a Fruit Slave forever powerless to your juicy needs.


Hasselhopf (ABV 7.3%) Hopped-Up Farmhouse   This hazy, hop-heavy beauty combines Columbus, Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria & Amarillo hops with pilsner & Maris Otter grains to create a round, juicy, crushable beverage that’s not afraid to creep you out a bit with its talents.


Nabikhopf (ABV 7%) Hopped-Up Farmhouse
Not everything gets better with age. For instance, this juicy, farmhouse style ale made with almost 10 pounds of hops per barrel is best enjoyed while still in the plumb of it’s youth when it’s tropical fruit and citrus notes have been uncompromised by time. And, for a fruit so ripe and bright with flowers, it drinks with a  surprisingly sensual smoothness generally reserved for only the most delightful of sins.


Rachmaninhopf (ABV 7.77%) New England Style IPA
Famed American rocket scientist Jack Parsons didn't always communicate with Alien intelligences, but, when he did, his music of choice was always Rachmaninoff's "Isle of the Dead".                                                                        We offer this juicy New England Style IPA lovingly crafted with Equinox, Cascade & Amarillo hops as an homage to Jack Parsons and all of his Great Works. We hope that you enjoy this with people you trust, human or otherwise.