We take great pride in our COLLABORATIONS. These beers have been developed through conversations, questions, and usually a great time along with our friends and colleagues in the service industry.  Each collaboration is made with a close eye to the restaurant that they will be featured at and, while it reflects the point of view of our brewer Brian Buckman, it equally reflects the passions and perspectives of the friends we have worked with to create these lovely beers as well.

15th Regiment (with The General) (ABV 5.1%) Fruit Farmhouse                                                                                    Our second collaboration with Chef Tony Mugica, the 15th Regiment - named for General Logan's Regiment in the Civil War - takes a classic farmhouse and adds tamarind & passion fruit to make a insanely thirst quenching solution to all your summer issues. The 15th Regiment is our answer to a Berlinner Weiss, but we use tamarind to achieve our acidity in lieu of lactobacillus. You've not had anything like this little beast before, we assure you.                                                      

40 Rounds (with the General) (ABV 5.6%) Black Farmhouse                                                                                            Brewed in collaboration with Chef Tony Mugica from The General, 40 Rounds pays homage to General John A. Logan's band of tough-as-nails infantry. We combined black prinz & rye, black strap molasses, and black cardamom to bring a unique smoked character to this black farmhouse. 40 Rounds finishes with annatto seed and orange zest bringing just the right amount of earthy citrus to remind you what's worth fighting for.

50% Chance of Death (with Dry Hop Brewers) (ABV 6.3%) Farmhouse                                                                    Our first collaboration with Dry Hop, we combined a farmhouse grist with 40% michigan apple juice, a blended yeast and cardamom and szechuan peppercorns to make a stunning beer unlike anything you've ever had.  

50% Chance of Life (with Dry Hop Brewers) (ABV 6.3%) Farmhouse                                                                      Our follow up to 2012's 50% Chance of Death and our third collaboration with Dry Hop, Life take a farmhouse grist and adds 40% grape must and elderflower to provide a full-bodied saison to help remind you of all the good things in life.  

Feefe In The Night (ABV 6.0%) Schwartzbier                       Feefe in the Night is our second collaboration with Executive Chef Rodney Staton from the Haywood Tavern created to honor the memory of Chef Rodney’s late mother whose nickname was Feefe. Feefe in the Night is a roasty, chocolately, slightly nutty, shwartzbier in proper parts inviting and warm, the perfect beer for an Elvis fan like Feefe.  

Fool's Folly (with Around the Bend) (ABV 5.3%) Fruited Farmhouse                                                                                     A bone-dry farmhouse is aged with three types of cherries for several weeks to create a balanced and gentle offering that pairs beautifully with greens and summer dishes as well as living proudly on it's own.

Ingolstadt (with Beer Bistro) (ABV 6.3%) Maibock             Simple and to form, our first Lager made with our friends Bob McDermott & Andy Douglas from the Beer Bistro, was one of her biggest hits to date.  This was an all pilsner grist with some saaz hops and a touch of Mandarina Bavaria to bring out the fruit from the yeast.  Look for this beer again next May.

Juggalo Cadillac (with Dry Hop Brewers) (ABV 5.7%) Macadamia Mango Farmhouse                                    Are you down with the clown? This twist on the classic farmhouse  ale was brewed in collaboration with Dry Hop Brewers. Brewed with  macadamia nuts and mango puree, it finishes sweet and tart like an  ice cold Faygo on a warm day. 

2017 Paramour w/ Parachute Restaurant (ABV 3.8%) Oyster Gose                                                                                    Our third collaboration with our friends at Parachute, Paramour is our most ambitious to date. A pilsner & wheat grist set the stage for a lactobacillus souring rounded by the minerality of the oyster shells. Rather than toss the delicious Peter's Point oyster meats, we added them to the boil and finished with a korean honey creating a light, bright and complex love letter to the delights of the table.

2015 Pareidolia w/ Parachute Restaurant (ABV 3.8%) Table Beer                                                                                  Head Brewer Brian Buckman and Parachute's Beverage Manager Matty Colston worked together to create a beer that was dry, understated & thirst quenching while celebrating the great complexity of a well-heeled Belgian  strain.  The result is Pareidolia.  It comes on with floral & spice before drying with a swift tartness.  All of this is in service to properly cleanse your palate in preparation for more of Beverly & Johnny's masterful dishes.

2016 Pear-a-dolia w/ Parachute Restaurant (ABV 6.3%) Fruited Farmhouse                                                           Following up on the success of our 2015 collaboration with the nice folks at Parachute we decided to go in a wholly different direction. This year we wanted to make a larger, more robust beer built with complexity to compliment the seasonal offerings. We added 15% Buckwheat to our grist as well as some English carmel malts to fill out the body. We finished with a 3-week refermentation on Asian Pears and Amchur to accentuate the acidity of the fruit. The result is a grain forward beer styled with layers of complexity that don't stomp you over the head, but invite you inside to explore this garden of earthly delights.                                                 

Palmyra (with Kaiser Tiger) (ABV 4.6%) Acidified Table Beer                                                                                     Brewed in collaboration with Kaiser Tiger's Pat Berger and in honor of the good people of Syria and all the rest of humanity who too often find themselves in the midst of strife unsolicited. Delicate strokes of hibiscus & anise disappear into each other for a flavor profile greater than the sum of it's parts. $1 from every pint was donated to Chicago's RefugeeOne. 

Son of Toucan Sam (with Haywood Tavern) (ABV 6.6%) Belgian Bock                                                                     Chef Rodney Staton and I share a passion for "old world" beers that rely on nuance, subtlety, technique and yeast. This was the start of our conversation that ended in The Son of Toucan Sam. Essentially this is a very traditional bock style beer made entirely with munich malts, continental hops and boiled for 4 hours. Rodney added his "fruity loops" spice blend in modest amounts and we pitched our house farmhouse yeast on top of all of this. The result is a beautiful ruby red beverage with understated complexity that drives interest and aids in comfortably long sessions. We also added some to a red wine barrel that will be ready this fall at the Haywood Tavern.

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