IBW is a Chicago-based artisanal brewery producing urban farmhouse styles. Our offerings rotate seasonally to celebrate every aspect of the annual cycle.

Please enjoy with people you trust.

2-Headed Dog (ABV 5.8%) Extra Special Belgian           We've sewn together a British ESB and Belgian Pale Ale with the thread of  New Zealand hops to create one extremely sessionable beer built for you  to crush all day long.  Walk that dog, lest the dog come and walk on you.

40 Rounds (ABV 5.6%) Black Farmhouse                                     Brewed in collaboration with Chef Tony Mugica from The General, 40 Rounds pays homage to General John A. Logan's band of tough-as-nails infantry. We combined black prinz & rye, black strap molasses, and black cardamom to bring a unique smoked character to this black farmhouse. 40 Rounds finishes with annatto seed and orange zest bringing just the right amount of earthy citrus to remind you what's worth fighting for.

50% Chance of Death (with Dry Hop Brewers) (ABV 6.3%) Farmhouse                                                                     Our first collaboration with Dry Hop, we combined a farmhouse grist with 40% michigan apple juice, a blended yeast and cardamom and szechuan peppercorns to make a stunning beer unlike anything you've ever had.  

50% Chance of Life (with Dry Hop Brewers) (ABV 6.3%) Farmhouse                                                                       Our follow up to 2012's 50% Chance of Death and our third collaboration with Dry Hop, Life take a farmhouse grist and adds 40% grape must and elderflower to provide a full-bodied saison to help remind you of all the good things in life.     

Adam Weishaupt (ABV 4.18%) Weissbier                           We took a rare hefeweizen yeast and fed it unmalted wheat and pilsner. The result is a spicy, fruity summer session weisse with a leaner and cleaner body than is traditional for the offering.  And, because we are well fed patriots, we named it in loving memory of the first President of the United States.

Black Lodge (ABV 8.1%) Black Abbey Coffee Stout
In tribute to Special Agent Dale Cooper and all his hard work on the Blue Rose case, we've added Metropolitan coffee and black cherry puree to our Black Maw stout.  Every day you should give yourself a treat.

The Black Maw (ABV 8.1%) Black Abbey Stout              Black licorice and Belgian Chocolate malt combine with creamy milk  sugars & abbey yeast in this formidable winter warmer.

Brown Reason to Live (ABV 6.3%) Belgian Brown    Named for the Butthole Surfers first LP, Brown Reason to Live plays  two essential characters off one other – Special B crystal & Rochefort  yeast – in a surprising autumnal offering with more than a few rabbit  holes to chase. 

Canadian Aspirin (ABV 8.1%) Recovery Ale                 Canada is well-known for it’s progressive public health care policy and it’s supporting medicinal legislation.  What is less know is it’s genius answer to the common ailment.  A blend of aspirin, codeine and caffeine is OTC all over Canada; truly a powerful and healing elixir.  We wanted to pay homage to this genius bit of pharmacopeia so we combined pilsner malts, a delicate blend of carmel malts and Belgian yeast to create a beverage that is both crushable and full of medicinal girth.  We dare you to enjoy only one.

Cult of Lam (ABV 3.2%) Brett Grisette                                This gentle mix of grain and noble hops creates the perfect palette  for 2 types of Brett & a French Saison yeast to fully express in this  beer traditionally served to miners extracting minerals from the center  of the Earth.

Cult of Sunshine (ABV 4.1%) Brett Saison
We've blended our Cult of Lam with the last of our Orange Sunshine to make a lovely little beverage that brings out the best in both beers.

Cult of Kallisti (ABV 4.1%) Brett Golden Ale
We've blended our Cult of Lam with Kallisti to make a cracklingly dry offering that is as complex as it is beautiful.

Ed's Legs (ABV 6.66%) American Farmhouse                       Originally made for the West Loop Craft Beer festival, Ed's Legs celebrates fabled Chicago Saloon owner Ed Steinbrecher with a pilsner and flaked barley grist, experimental German hops & our house strain.  The culmination is a damp herb & biscuity nose, a creamy mouthfeel with hints of orange and a crackling dry finish closer to champagne than any beer you've had before.  Surrender now.

Fnord (ABV 7.3%) Wit                                                        FNORD harnesses malted wheat & pilsner combined with American and Noble hops to provide a playground for our yeast to enjoy.  The result is a crisp Wit full of complicated herbal, fruit and floral notes dressed in understated wisps of candy and citrus, each working together beneath a rocky, creamy head that helps the medicine go down.  If you don’t see the Fnords, they can’t eat you.

Holy Mountain (ABV 4.18%) Table Beer                                   A simple grist of 50% wheat and 50% barley is complimented with noble hops and saison yeast from Brasserie Thiriez to create a simple and exceedingly dry beer.  The nose is herbaceous and floral with juniper and white pepper.  The mouth comes on with bread and grain and cleans up without fuss, cleansing your palette for another delicious bite.

Hasselhopf (ABV 5.8%) Pale Ale
This hop-forward Belgian Ale combines Columbus, Cascade & Amarillo hops with a thick-chested, sun-blazed grist to create a crisp, crushable beverage that’s not afraid to creep you out a bit with it’s talents.

Juggalo Cadillac (with Dry Hop Brewers) (ABV 5.7%) Macadamia Mango Farmhouse                                       Are you down with the clown? This twist on the classic farmhouse  ale was brewed in collaboration with Dry Hop Brewers. Brewed with  macadamia nuts and mango puree, it finishes sweet and tart like an  ice cold Faygo on a warm day. 

Kallisti (ABV 7.4%) Golden Ale
Calypso hops and a razor-thin grist conspire to create a beer made only for the most beautiful.

 Orange Sunshine (ABV 4.6%) Citrus Saison                         We’ve combined a very rare Belgian yeast, orange and lemon zest and just a touch of cardamom and topped it all with New Zealand hops.  The result is an insanely sessionable beer with the flavor and complexity of something twice it’s weight in booze.  The wine-dry, crisp body and delicate citrus notes insure you keep Orange Sunshine close during those long Summer days melting your face under the Chicago sun.

2015 Pareidolia w/ Parachute Restaurant (ABV 3.8%) Table Beer                                                                                   Head Brewer Brian Buckman and Parachute's Beverage Manager Matty Colston worked together to create a beer that was dry, understated & thirst quenching while celebrating the great complexity of a well-heeled Belgian  strain.  The result is Pareidolia.  It comes on with floral & spice before drying with a swift tartness.  All of this is in service to properly cleanse your palate in preparation for more of Beverly & Johnny's masterful dishes.

2016 Pear-a-dolia w/ Parachute Restaurant (ABV 6.3%) Fruited Farmhouse                                                       Following up on the success of our 2015 collaboration with the nice folks at Parachute we decided to go in a wholly different direction.  This year we wanted to make a larger, more robust beer built with complexity to compliment the seasonal offerings.  We added 15% Buckwheat to our grist as well as some English carmel malts to fill out the body.  We finished with a 3-week refermentation on Asian Pears and Amchur to accentuate the acidity of the fruit.  The result is a grain forward beer styled with layers of complexity that don't stomp you over the head, but invite you inside to explore this garden of earthly delights.

Palmyra (ABV 4.6%) Acidified Table Beer                                 Brewed in collaboration with Kaiser Tiger's Pat Berger and in honor of the good people of Syria and all the rest of humanity who too often find themselves in the midst of strife unsolicited. Delicate strokes of hibiscus & anise disappear into each other for a flavor profile greater than the sum of it's parts. $1 from every pint was donated to Chicago's RefugeeOne. 

Pazuzu’s Pedals (ABV 5.8%) Porter                                       Celebrate the earthly delights of bitter chocolate, coffee and dark  fruit in this homage to that wacky Babylonian demon’s love affair with  the bicycle.

Rowan Morrison (ABV 7.4%) Scotch Belgian Ale                 Sun drenched dark malts are brought to life with notes of earth and    white wine in this curious and deceptive concoction named for the  sweet, but deadly red herring from 1973's "The Wicker Man".

Sly Man (ABV 3.8%) Acidulated Table Beer                             G.I. Gurdgieff taught about a Fourth Way to Illumination, that of the Sly Man.  He is not a monk, a sufi or buddhist.  He lives in the city, among the people and his trickster ways can shake a sleeping soul to life.  The Sly Man is our silent assassin. Seemingly simple at first glance,  but with each taste you will see the kaleidescope of flavors and insinuations opening around you, accentuating your food and elevating your experience into memory.  Expect herbs, grains, and a disappearing act for the ages.

Please contact info@ibw-chicago.com with any questions, comments or sales inquiries.