Our "CULT OF" SERIES started with blends we were doing with standard offerings and our brett grissette Cult of Lam, but has now grown into us taking a part of our standard offering wort and fermenting it with 100% brettanomyces.  The results are super exciting and availability is frequent but always scarce.  If you see one of these bottle only offerings at your local bottle shop, snag it up and let it age for about another year.  And then be prepared to sign your savings over to our cult.  You won't be dissappointed.

Cult of Ed (ABV 5.6%) Brett Farmhouse
We've taken Ed's Legs and fermented it on brettanomyces claussenii what happens next you won't believe!  Please forgive our click-baity language, but that does just about describe our lovely brett farmhouse properly.

Cult of Kallisti (ABV 4.1%) Brett Golden Ale
We've blended our Cult of Lam with Kallisti to make a cracklingly dry offering that is as complex as it is beautiful.

Cult of Lam (ABV 3.2%) Brett Grisette                                This gentle mix of grain and noble hops creates the perfect palette  for 2 types of Brett & a French Saison yeast to fully express in this  beer traditionally served to miners extracting minerals from the center  of the Earth.

Cult of Sunshine (ABV 4.8%) Brett Saison
Our base is our perennial favorite Orange Sunshine that we've fermented on 100% brettanomyces claussenii for a delicious, fruit-rich and tart offering that takes all the best parts of our regular Orange Sunshine and follows it to it's logical conclusion.

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