We're celebrating over 4 years of hard work, bad decisions, and big dreams and we want you to be there.

On Saturday September 20th Illuminated Brew Works is celebrating it's official licensing from the State of Illinois to legally sell and be taxed for selling beer in this fine state of ours.  There will be music from great local bands Brickfight, The Columbines as well as a super special guest.  

There will be Burlesque dancers!  The fucking Can Car!  Nonsense!  And of course collaborations and pours from Une Annee, Local Option, Dry Hop Brewer's, Hamburger Mary's, Inebriated Brewing and delicious gluten-free homebrew from Fled!

We'll be giving very short and probably underwhelming tours of our dank, dark and disturbing brewspace. There may be games of chance and battles of wits.  There will be port-a-potties!  Food trucks.  And so much more.

Here's a link to the beer list as it exists right now... it's awesome.

We have unfortunately ran out of space for this event.  This is a private affair and unless you have already let us know that you're coming, we can't let you in.  We're very sorry, but please do not try and show up if you haven't RSVPd, we won't be able to let you in.  Next time, ok?