Drinking Beer for Syria

Happy 2016 everybody!  We here at IBW labs hope you had a joy filled holiday season and that the damp hand of reality has not slapped back at you too hard yet.    

This Tuesday at Kaiser Tiger (1415 W. Randolph in the West Loop) we will be celebrating the release of a collaboration between IBW & Kaiser Tiger called "Palmyra".  Palmyra is a 4.5% table beer with hibiscus & anise delicately balanced against a pilsner base and our house yeast.  This is a really beautiful beer and everyone involved is quite proud of it.  The release party "Drinking Beer for Syria" starts at 7pm.  

In addition to Palmyra, Kaiser Tiger will be featuring a lamb belly sausage that we made with them. The sausage features a Syrian spice blend zaatar and pairs beautifully with Palmyra.  Kaiser Tiger and it's sister restaurant, Paddy Longs, will be donating $1 from every pint of Palmyra to Chicago's RefugeeOne until the beer is gone from this earth.

Doesn't every cell in your body want to see the above image on a can?? I know, I know.  That little chunk of genius was made by our in-house design wizard Mark Ludeman.  We will be selling a limited number of prints at the event on Tuesday, all proceeds will be going to RefugeeOne as well.

If you like what you've been reading so far, but maybe you're concerned that our opinion might be tainted by a heady mix of bias and narcism, then stop your worrying.  The Chicago Red Eye agreed with our excitement about Palmyra and named it the drink of the week last week.  Read the article here.  It's a great article, in there you can read about the origins of our collaboration, the reasons behind our efforts and where the name Palmyra comes from.  I'm not saying the article will change your life, but it's got as good a chance at that as any other article you might read today.  So give it a shot, eh?

We really hope to see you on Tuesday.  We'll be giving away glasses, stickers, shirts and dating advice.  But most importantly we'll be there, poised like winged jungle cats, ready to banish every last morsel of that post-holiday malaise with only the best tools at our disposal: Beer and Sausage.  

If you need more info, go to the facebook event page.

2016 is looking to be a great year for IBW and we can't wait to share the excitement with you.  We've got a lot more events coming in the next few months so stay tuned for more parties, more delicious collaborations and some really big news.

Let's do this thing.